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913-268-3712 scammer

Marriot Hotels calling on THANKSGIVING DAY @ lunch hour to offer deals on hotel rooms!!! I told them their parents were never married!

I was contacted on Kijiji about an item I was selling but they asked that I text so I did. They first said they’d pay with a certified check as they would send a moving truck to pick up the item. Then it became a “copy” of a check they would email and they told me to deposit it on my phone by taking a picture of the front and back. I said the piece doesn’t leave until the bank authenticates the check—so it needs to be an original certified check. They vanished.


This is a scam phone number saying they are from AT&T, they keep calling everyday 303-731-2644

I missed the call. Caller said to kindly call back at 571 655 3862 in order to prevent legal action against my social security number.